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Taurus - Olfactive Direction: Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Taurus - Olfactive Direction: Oud Wood by Tom Ford

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Rich and exotic in scent, Taurus has a warm, woodsy aroma that is bound to captivate the senses. The fragrance immediately draws the wearer into a world of mystery and sophistication while also being distinctive and enticing.

Pink pepper, bergamot, and cardamom provide the scent's initial peppery and citrusy burst, which is quickly followed by the warm and woodsy aroma of oud. With a deep, resinous aroma that is both woody and faintly smoky and evocative of the exotic locations from which the ingredient is derived, the oud note in Oud Wood is rich and complex.

As the fragrance dries down on the skin, it exposes a heart of priceless woods, such as cedar, vetiver, and sandalwood, which give the scent depth and complexity. These notes create a harmonious mix of woody and spicy notes that is both elegant and refined, providing a warm and earthy contrast to the opening's sharp and spicy notes.

The warm and comforting aromas of vanilla, tonka bean, and caramel are present in Taurus' base notes, which are sweet and linger for a while. By balancing the exotic and rare components of oud with a feeling of warmth and familiarity, these notes give the scent a comforting and cozy quality.

With a warm and woody aroma that is certain to make an impact, Taurus is a fragrance that is at once bold and refined. It is ideal for those who enjoy the distinctive and exotic scent of oud as well as wearing perfumes that are both distinctive and elegant.

Care Instructions

Donot store in your car or washroom or any place that may experience dramatic temperature changes from hot to normal, this casues the organics in the fragrances to react and diminish the products shelf life.

Protect from sunlight and sources of UV rays, for maximum shelf life store in a cool dark place.

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