About Us

You probably thought you couldn't afford an excellent perfume?

It all started with unshakable optimism to make the most beautiful and authentic fragrances available for men and women at affordable prices.

I, being a perfume enthusiast, spent a lot of money on many fragrance brands and shiny, attractive  bottles but could not put my finger on a product that would actually satisfy my soul. If I went for the cheap ones, it would not give the result it promised and well the other option was to go for the expensive ones that set me back anywhere between 10k-40k which is not at all economical especially in these testing economical times. 

Nevertheless like many individuals who care about their personal image, smelling good has always been a priority to me. So I decided to take this matter in my own hands. After going through months of research work, exploring raw materials and pre-made fragrance accords from all around the world and hours of tiring experiments, I finally cracked the secret formula on how to beautifully weave the finest raw materials together to give one of the best aromatic experiences at the most affordable prices.

Our product serves anyone who wants to experience the leisure and luxury of scents at minimal costs. 

Yes we know what must be going on in your mind right now.

There are many other brands serving the same purpose, so why choose us ? Right?

Our premium raw materials are sourced from the different corners of the world in bulk quantities to make art worthy fragrances that excel at longevity. 

So basically we do not compromise on quality and being a small family and having lower overheads we pride ourselves in providing you Olfactive art at affordable prices.

Our product comes in a 50 ml bottle with an elegant wooden cap and a tag made up of stainless steel that gives the bottle its sparkle and does not go through wear and tear unlike the stickers made out of paper. It has been delicately manufactured into a masterpiece that gives out a charismatic appearance when placed on your dressing table. 

As being a proud environmentalist we have given a lot of thought in drafting its packaging, finally coming up with a material that is made out of recycled material that is sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and giftable, no need to pay an additional rs.200 for a gift box.

Along with this , we guarantee timely delivery within 3-4 business days and two free testers for you to explore our other scents.

Try us out and feel the difference yourself !

Regards ,